Accessing Fire Weather Forecasts

There are a variety of ways to access fire weather forecasts in Ignis, this is a brief overview of the most simple method.

As a wildland firefighter, you know that the first standard firefighting order is to “Keep informed on fire weather conditions and forecasts” at all times and that slight changes in weather can have large effects on fire behavior. That’s why Ignis has multiple ways to access fire weather forecasts, on the Resources page you can pull up the traditional fire weather forecast in PDF form or quickly access the National Weather Service website. But, the quickest way to access up-to-date fire weather forecasts for your zone is by utilizing the Weather button at the bottom of your home screen.



How to Navigate to the Weather Page

1. From the home screen, locate the white bar at the bottom of your screen.

weather pagedashboardbar

2. Select the button that says “Weather”


That’s it! By selecting the Weather button Ignis pulls up the appropriate fire weather forecast, hourly forecast, and 7-day forecast for the fire weather zone you are currently in. All in an easy-to-read and engaging format!

Please know, if you prefer to view the PDF created by the NWS, select the orange button at the top of the screen that says "Fire Weather Zone Forecast."