Accessing Resources in Ignis

This article will teach you how to make the most of the Resources page!

Accessing Resources

Imagine having all of the documents you need in one easily accessible spot while working on a wildland fire incident or preparing for the morning briefing. No more rummaging around papers, no more overstuffed man-purse, or wasting time searching through all the files and saved pages on your phone. The Resources Page in Ignis was designed to keep all of your important documents and frequently used links and tools in one place!



  1. From the home screen, select the resources button at the bottom right of your screen.
  2. At the top, you’ll see a button for Fire Weather Forecast and another button for the Sit Report. By selecting the fire weather forecast you’ll be brought to the appropriate NWS fire weather forecast for the fire weather zone that you’re in. The Sit Report button pulls up the daily Sit Report and accompanying 6 Minutes For Safety.resources
  3. Below the Sit Report button, there will be a bar that reads from left to right- Documents, Links, and Favorites. Select Documents.
  4. Under Documents, you’ll see a variety of useful documents that are already loaded into Ignis for you. Such as a specific folder for NWCG material (i.e. red book and orange card), a fillable 8-Line, a fillable CTR, the IRPG, and Helicopter Passenger Briefing Card.
  5. Now, let's move on from Documents and try selecting Links from the bar.
  6. After you select links, you'll see options for important links, such as InciWeb, the NICC web page, and the National Weather Service.
  7. Finally to the right of the Links button, is an option for Favorites. This option is coming soon but it will give you the ability to save your favorite resources for quick access!

The Resources page is expecting many more updates as we improve upon the choices currently available. Be sure to keep Ignis updated to the most current version to have the best access to all these tools! To update Ignis, you will need to do so from the TestFlight app, more information can be found here.