Getting Started with Ignis

This article is your go-to guide for installing and creating an account for the Ignis App.

Welcome! All of us here at Ignis Technologies are thrilled you are utilizing the Ignis Application. To ensure a smooth onboarding experience, please refer to these instructions for installing the app and creating your account. 

Steps for installing Ignis Overwatch on your phone


1.  Download the TestFlight App onto your phone  

2.  Open TestFlight on your phone 

Test Flight
3.  In the upper right corner click on the “redeem” button
4.  Enter your TestFlight invitation code. This would've been sent in an email. 
5.  After redeeming your invitation code, Ignis will be shown in your available apps on the TestFlight homepage.
6.  To the right of the Ignis thumbnail will be a button to install, hit install.

7.  The Ignis Application will now begin installing onto your iPhone. Navigate to your home screen and look for the App. 

8.  Once installation is complete, open the Ignis app. 

Please note that from here on you do not have to open TestFlight to access Ignis, however, to install updates you will need to do so in TestFlight. 

Creating an Account



1.  After opening the App, you'll be brought to a landing page where you can choose between creating an account or logging into an existing account. Choose “Create an account.”  

2.  From here you will be prompted to enter the organization type that you work/volunteer for, your organization name (i.e. Gallatin National Forest), as well as your first and last name, and phone number. 

3.  The next page you will be brought to is the Terms and Conditions page. Read through and then press the black button that says “I agree” at the bottom of your screen.

4.  After agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you’ll be brought to the next page where you’ll enter an email address and password you want your account associated with. You’ll enter the password twice to ensure accuracy, and then have the option to enable FaceID recognition for a quicker login experience. When this is all done, press the “Create account” button at the bottom of your screen.

5.  A loading screen may appear while the account is registering, standby, this will be done soon!

6.  Next, you’ll be prompted to enable location services. We recommend you do this to ensure the best functionality from the App. 

7.  Then you will be prompted to allow Bluetooth, again, we recommend doing so to be able to


quickly transfer data between other Ignis users.

8.  The next page is prompting you to allow push notifications. Press allow at the bottom of your screen.

9.  Now you’ll have the ability to enter your Pilot Access Code by scanning the QR image or entering it manually. 

If you don’t have a Pilot Access Code or are unsure,  just press skip at the bottom of the screen. 

10.  Next, is a disclaimer that Ignis is in Open Beta and that you may experience some issues or bugs. Please let us know here if you run into any issues or need help while using the app!
11.  After reading this, press Open Ignis at the bottom of your screen and you will be brought to the home screen. For more information on the home screen, check out this article!
Congratulations! You have successfully onboarded and created an Ignis account. We look forward to hearing about your experience using this application. Check out our knowledge base to find more information on using all of the features that Ignis has to offer.

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