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How do I Download Maps for Offline Use?

How to download portions of the Ignis base map for offline use.

To download maps for offline use we must first download them by accessing Offline Services within the profile page! See below to learn how to do so.



1. To start, select the button that is three white bars from the upper-left-hand corner of your screen. hamburger button

2. Select “Offline Services” from the Profile Page.

3. On the next screen, select the orange button at the bottom of the page that

offline services

 says “Create New Offline Map.”

4. Use one finger to orient the map to the area you would like to download.

5. Enter a name for your map in the box below the map screen.

6. Next, choose a base map style for your map.

7. After choosing a style, swipe to the left, and select the resolution detail.moremoreoffline

8. Swipe to the left again, confirm the map style and resolution, and then press the orange “Confirm” button.

9. Your map will begin downloading.