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How Do I View GPS Coordinates for a Location?

This article goes over how to easily view GPS coordinates for point or location on the map.

There are two methods for viewing GPS coordinates for a location in Ignis.

The first method is by adding a point to your map!

Select a point to add and then move it to the right location. Coordinates will be displayed just below the name, by selecting the icon to the right of the coordinates they will be copied to your clipboard and then can be pasted anywhere.


Alternatively, you can also simply click on a point that's already been added to view its coordinates.

Learn more about the Add Feature here.




The second method is by doing a “long press” on the base map.

To do this, hold your finger on the map in the spot you would like to view coordinates for. A menu will displayed for that specific location on the map. From here you can view GPS coordinates for the location, land ownership, access driving directions, or quickly drop a pin. By selecting the icon to the right of the GPS coordinates you can easily copy them!