How to Add and Edit Points on Your Map

This article goes over using the Add feature located on the home screen and how to edit points once placed.

How to Add and Edit Features on Your Map

Ignis is unique compared to other mapping applications because it provides you with a large selection of pre-made points that are unique to wildland firefighting, and they’re very quick to access and use! These features are congruent with the ICS symbols standards set by the NWCG and will be similar to what you are used to seeing on incident maps.


Adding Features

  1. From your home screen view, select Add at the bottom of the screen.
  2. This brings up the menu of available waypoints. They are sorted into three categories- Fire Operations, Air Operations, and Repair.
  3. Scroll through the available options in each category to become familiar with what’s available, then, select the Fire operations category.
  4. At the top of the screen, there is a magnifying glass button. Select this to open up a search bar and type in “tree.” Hit enter.
  5. A yellow safety symbol to represent a Hazard Tree shows up. Select this.addpoint
  6. After selecting, you’ll be brought to this view and you’ll see an orange dot on the screen where you are located, this also represents where the point will be placed. To adjust the location of the symbol, try dragging the map screen with your finger. 
  7. Once you selected a location for the point, enter a name and description if need be and hit Add. The Hazard Tree point is now added to your map.
  8. Now select Add at the bottom of your home screen again, select the Repair category, and search for “tree” again.
  9. You’ll see another option for Hazard Tree but this time as a green symbol. This indicates a Hazard Tree that needs repair work done, such as a felling team to remove it. Whereas the yellow symbol indicates a safety hazard to stay clear of.
  10. Take note, that below the three categories of points, your most commonly used ones will be listed to allow you quick access while on the go!

    Quick Tip! By pressing and holding on the main map screen, a quick add function will appear to quickly drop points while on the go.

Editing Features

  1. Go to the home screen and navigate to the yellow Hazard Tree point that you placed.editpoint-1
  2. Click on the point, and a screen will pop up displaying information about it such as coordinates, the description, when it was created and updated, and who created it.
  3. In the upper right corner select edit, from here you can edit the name and description, or move the point.
  4. Make a change then select Update. If you accidentally moved the point, select Cancel.
  5. You’ll be brought back to the home screen, select the point again.
  6. Scroll down the page, there will be options to share or navigate to the point
  7. Just below the share and navigate options will be a button to delete the point.
  8. If you want, delete the point.

At this time, sharing is only available for Pilot Test groups. To share a point, toggle the switch until it turns green and the point will become viewable to all Ignis Users. 

Congratulations on completing this lesson in learning how to Add and Edit points in Ignis.  For the next steps in learning, check out this article on PDF Maps!