Managing PDF Maps

A complete rundown on where and how to access PDF maps in Ignis.

Accessing various PDF maps while in the field is a necessary component of wildland firefighting, and that is why Ignis has the ability to integrate, view, and share PDF maps within the application. This article will go over everything you need to know for best practices when using this functionality of the application.



Accessing PDF Maps by Zone

Within the Zone Dashboard, you can access Zone-specific maps, download them to your account, and view them overlayed on the main map screen.

To view zone maps follow these directions-maps zone

  1. From the home screen, select the Zone Dashboard.

  2. Select the button that says “Maps.”

  3. You will be brought to the Map Store featuring all of the pre-loaded maps for the zone you selected.

  4. Confirm that the Angeles ECC is selected as your Zone.

  5. From here you can scroll through the available maps or search by name for a specific one.

  6. Select the search bar, and type in “Crystal”

  7. The Crystal Lake Pre-Attack map is displayed.

  8. To close the keyboard, hit return.

  9. Now, select the download button for the Crystal Lake Map.

  10. The map will begin downloading. When finished the orange download button will turn into a green button with a check mark.

  11. Return to the home screen, zoom into the area of that map's location, and you will see that it is overlayed onto the home screen map view.

  12. This is now considered an “active map.”

Active Maps are PDF maps that are currently being displayed on your main map. Some maps aren’t shown when the main screen is zoomed too far out. If a Map is active but not shown, try zooming in further to the area of the map.

Accessing Maps From PDF Layers Page

Now, to manage Maps that you downloaded from the Zone Dashboard or to upload/manage maps from other sources you will need to access them from the Layers Page.

  1. Select the Layers button on the home screen to access your PDF maps. layersbuttonmap layer page
  2. Under the Layers section, toggle the button to “PDF Layers”
  3. Active Maps will be listed just below the two buttons that say “My Maps” and “Add a Map.”
  4. To view an Active Map, click on the map’s photo while viewing the Active Map list.
  5. After clicking on a map to view, the Layer Page will slide down and your screen will zoom in to the map.
  6. Reopen the Layers Page, and choose PDF Layers.
  7. To turn off an Active Map, toggle the green switch to the right of the map until it turns grey. This map will no longer be displayed on the home screen.
  8. To hide your Active Maps, select the down arrow to the right of “Active Maps.” To show the maps, just select the arrow again

Now, Let’s explore the My Maps and Add Map buttons just above the Active Maps list.

My Maps

  1. From the Layers Page, select the orange button that says “My Maps.”
  2. A screen will appear that displays all your downloaded PDF Maps and near the top of themy maps-1 screen the most recently downloaded maps will be featured.
  3. Please note, that My Maps will display all of your maps, whether they are considered “active” or not.
  4. To delete a map, select the trash can to the right of the map's name, and then confirm to delete.
  5. To exit My Maps, swipe down on the screen and you will be returned to the layers page. Swipe down again to return to the home screen.

Add a Map

Ignis provides multiple options for downloading PDF maps, with even more options on the way!

  1. From the layers page, select “Add a Map”
  2. You will be brought to the “Import Map” Page.import map
  3. By choosing “From your device” you can choose to upload a map that is saved to the files on your phone.
  4. By selecting to import “From the web” you have the option to enter a URL, such as from google drive or an FTP Server link, and it will begin downloading!
  5. By choosing the Ignis Map Store, you will be brought to a page to view all of the maps available for your Zone, scroll through, and select download for the maps you need.
  6. To change which Zone you’re in, check out this article, by changing the Zone you will be able to change which maps are available in the Map Store.

There you have it! The complete rundown of using PDF Maps in Ignis.