Managing your Profile and Settings in Ignis

Learn how to access your profile, make changes to it, and manage your settings within the application.

The profile page within Ignis is expected to go through change so be sure to check this article regularly to look for new options! Keep reading to learn about accessing the profile page, managing your settings, and more.

hamburger button

To Access your Profile and Make Changes

  1. On the Home Screen, look for the button that is three white bars in the upper left-hand of your screen.
  2. Select this button to open up the profile page.profile
  3. At the top of the profile page, you will see your name and email address associated with your Ignis account.
  4. To make changes to your profile, select the button that says “Profile.”
  5. From this screen, you can edit your name and email address used for the account.
  6. To Exit, swipe the screen down and return to the profile page.

Quick Tip- at the bottom of the profile page you can see which version of the app and build model you are currently using! In this example, we are using Version 1.0 and build 639

Scan an Access Code

  1. In the upper third of the Profile Page is an orange button that says “Scan an Access Code.”
  2. If you weren't able to scan an access code during account sign-up, do so here and read this article for more information!


  1. Select the “Settings” button to view available options.profilesettings
  2. Ignis has a “Color-Blind Mode” to improve the visibility of some features.
  3. To turn on Color-Blind Mode, toggle the switch next to it until it turns a blue shade.
  4. Next, there is an option to “Clear map caches on launch.”
  5. By selecting this, your map will be cleared and reset whenever you re-open the application.
  6. To exit this view, swipe down, and you will be brought to the Profile Page.

Offline Services

offline services

Offline Services allow the user to download portions of their Ignis map for use when out of phone service!

  1. Select “Offline Services” from the Profile Page.
  2. On the next screen, select the orange button at the bottom of the page that says “Create New Offline Map.”
  3. Use one finger to orient the map to the area you would like to download.
  4. Enter a name for your map in the box below the map screen.
  5. Next, choose a base map style for your map
  6. After choosing a style, swipe to the left, and select the resolution detail.moremoreoffline
  7. Swipe to the left again, confirm the map style and resolution, and then press the orange “Confirm” button.
  8. Your map will begin downloading.