Navigating the Home Screen

This article is an overview of the home screen and its features for the Ignis application.

The home screen in Ignis is your main hub for navigating to and accessing all of the powerful features within the app. A thorough understanding of what is available at your fingertips on the home screen is a great starting point for learning to utilize Ignis to its full capability!



  1. Open Ignis on your phone. After logging in, the first screen you will be brought to is the home screen. The focal point of the home screen is the map, to learn about selecting different maps, take a look at this article

  2. hamburger button

    Starting at the top left side of your screen, press on the  "hamburger button." This is the profile button and if you press it, you’ll be brought to your profile page where you can access settings, edit your profile, get help, etc. 

  3. To exit this view, select anywhere in the white background area and swipe toward the left side of your screen. Now, your view will be of the home screen again.
  4. On the upper right-hand corner of your screen there is a magnifying glass, by selecting this a search bar will open up. The search bar is capable of looking for locations, contacts, and even current incidents! Try typing in and searching for the “Angeles National Forest.” 

  5. Just below the search button is a button with an orange chevron. By selecting this you will be brought to a page to submit feedback and report bugs to our developers! Your feedback is very important to us, so please let us know how your Ignis experience is going. Swipe down to exit this view.

  6. Now, while viewing the home screen let's practice zooming in and out! To Zoom In, place the tip of your pointer finger and thumb on the touch screen and drag them apart. Now, to Zoom Out, just drag them towards each other. 

  7. Near the bottom of the right-hand side of your screen will be a button that looks like a target. Select this button and watch as the map hones in on the location you are currently at. Your pinpointed location will be represented on the map by a blue dot. 

  8. Below the Pinpoint Button, you’ll see the Layers buttonlayersbutton, by selecting this button you will access the Layers Page. On this page, you can pick a base map, choose additional layers to add to the base map, and import PDF maps. 

  9. You can swipe down on the Layers page to return to the home screen. To learn more about using the Layers page please visit this article

  10. A white bar with five additional buttons will be at the bottom of the home screen. Those buttons are Incidents, Zone, Add, Weather, and Resources.

  • By selecting “Incidents” you’ll be brought to the Incident Dashboard. This screen will display information on active incidents in your area. To learn more about this key feature in Ignis go here.
  • The “Zone” button will open up the “Zone Dashboard.” This dashboard will contain pertinent information for the Zone or Forest that you’re in, similar to what you would expect in an Incoming Resource Packet, and Zone updates for that area. This is another key feature of the Ignis application and to learn more about this feature read this article.
  • The “Add” button will open up a selection of pre-named pins, specific to wildland firefighting, that you can quickly add to the map. You can choose a category to select pins specific to fire operations, aviation, and repair work. Your most commonly used pins will be featured near the top of the list! More information about this feature can be found here. 
  • By selecting the “Weather” button you’ll be brought to a page that is displaying the Fire Weather Zone Forecast for your area.
  • Finally, try selecting the “Resources” button. The resources dashboard is a feature-rich part of Ignis, from here you can access the SIT Report, save important links you visit often, upload and store documents (the IRPG and NWCG handbook are already stored for you!), and you can access a variety of tools created for wildland firefighting. As well, it includes quick access to a fillable 8-Line and CTR. To fully learn everything this powerful feature can do for you, please, check out this article.

There you have it! A complete overview of the home screen within the Ignis application. Becoming familiar with the functionality of the home screen is essential to navigating through the app and taking full advantage of its features. Please refer to the embedded links within this article and our Knowledge Base page to further your learning on how to use Ignis.