How to Submit Feedback or Report a Bug

Follow these directions to learn how to submit feedback or get help for bugs and glitches within Ignis.

Your feedback is imperative to building and improving the Ignis application and we greatly value your comments and questions that may arise while using the application. To ensure a convenient and quick process for submitting feedback we included easy access from the home screen.  As well, if you’re experiencing a glitch or bug within the app these methods work for reporting problems, so please let us know and we will assist you as soon as possible!


Submitting Feedback or Reporting a Bug While in the App

Screenshot (6)

1. Click on the orange chevron Picture2on the right-hand side of the home screen.   

2. That's it! The Feedback and Support Submission Form will pop up.

3. Follow the prompts and then submit. 

4. After submitting your request, an Ignis representative will reach out shortly to follow up on your feedback or support request.


Please visit the FAQ page for quick questions and the Key Feature page for more information on using specific features!

If you are unable to access the App right now and still need assistance or would like to reach out please get ahold of us here: